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Dear CHER 2018 participants,

We are looking forward to learning about your research and seeing your presentations and posters at the Conference. Here are some guidelines to make your preparations easier.

Guidelines for Paper Presenters

Please note that full paper submissions are required by August 20. Selected works will be recommended for publication in the conference proceedings by session chairs. 

Authors are requested to send the original conference paper to cher2018@hse.ru  with the e-mail topic “Full Paper: Your name_Your topic” (you can use this template TEMPLATE CHER). Please note, that it would be easier for future editors to receive papers in .docx or .doc file formats. The total length must not exceed 8,000 words (without references).

Technical suggestions for presentations:

  • 4x3 slide size
  • Please save your presentation in both pptx and pdf formats. In case something goes wrong with the fonts or charts in pptx file, you can switch to the pdf one.
  • Please make sure that your text on slides is legible.


Paper presentations last for 15 minutes, plus 15 minutes for questions. They will be scheduled in 90 or 120 minute sessions which will normally include 3-4 papers on similar topics.

CHER 2018 will assign a chairperson for each session who will take care of time and manage discussion.

We kindly ask you to come to your session room 5 minutes earlier to copy your files to the presentation computer. Our volunteers will be happy to help you with this. If you wish, you can email us your presentation beforehand at cher2018@hse.ru with the e-mail topic “Your name_Your topic”.


Technical provisions available to presenters:

  • Computer, projector and screen
  • VGA cable to connect projector to participant laptop if something goes wrong with the file on the presentation computer
  • WiFi connection


Guidelines for Poster Presenters


Technical suggestions:

  • A1 portrait orientation
  • Color print
  • Headings of at least 48-point font and text at least 22-point font.

We kindly ask that participants print out their posters beforehand. In case you want to print your poster in Moscow, here are some addresses of printing shops near HSE.

We will be happy to accompany you if necessary. Please contact us in advance, if you are going to print posters in Moscow.

Content suggestions:

  • The poster should be able to stand on its own as a clear, logical presentation of your work, without any explanation from you.
  • Presenting your poster, highlight key points of your research. You will be able to elaborate on these points later on during the discussion time.
  • Use photographs, graphs, charts, etc. rather than a lot of text. Make sure that everything is legible for the readers.
  • Here are some useful links with recommendations on poster design:  from New York University and Northern Arizona University


Order of presentations

We want all the poster presenters to be heard, that is why we divided them into two groups.  Each group will have one Conference day to exhibit their posters and one 1 hour session (13:30 – 14:30) to explain their research and answer questions.

Please, be sure to give your poster to Organizing Committee in the morning before the start of the day's sessions on the date of your presentation. Organizing Committee will put up them in the Exhibition Hall.